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[IP] alcohol


Okay, so I am a college kid which inevitably means that I've had a drink
or two in the last several years ;)

I am fanatical about testing when out drinking and prefer to run slightly
on the higher side "just in case."  99% of the time I do NOT bolus for beer
- despite a miller lite having 6 g or a bud light having 12g or lord
knows how many in a Bass, it almost always drops me.  This is another
YMMV  situation, test and find your pattern.  Alcohol can have a lowering
effect on blood sugar.  I personally will NOT drink if I am already low.
White wines I do not bolus for either.

Mixed drinks... most shots of flavored liqours like Amaretto, Bailey's,
Schnapps have around 30 g per shot.  Bartenders always get greatly 
amused when I ask to read the bottle!  Never hurts!  In general I
bolus for about 75% of the carb content.  This keeps me a little

Basically if the carb content isn't coming from an obvious sugar, I don't
bolus but test often... ie. a run & diet coke I wouldn't bolus for either.

In general when I am drinking, I am also out dancing/being active.  If 
dancing, I cut my basal by as much as 60%.  

Alcohol carb counting is not as straight forward as it seems... but no
how "intoxicated" I am, you'll always see me whipping out my one touch
to make sure!  

Hope this helps and uh, have fun experimenting ;)
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