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Re: [IP] tried a new site

I believe that as we get older (I'm sure Sam can "confirm" this), we 
ALL get "enough gut" to HAVE a new site!  Hope your "new site" 
works well for you, Brian, though the "other" use sounds more fun!

> well i finally got enough gut to try a new site  which allot of people 
> here have beat me to..  8)..  I finally tried the Love handle area..  i 
> am finding it allot better, but we will see how it goes after a few 
> days..  its about time i get some use out of these love handles  ha 
> here is one inspirational thought for those just starting out pumping:
> "You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated 
> by short-range failures."
> Brian Carter

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