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[IP] Re: Alcohol

	First, I will say that I do drink somewhat. But I want to caution you.
I worked in a hospital for a while and one day, a nurse and I swapped
diabetes stories and she said that a woman had once been in the ER,
dead, from having drunk too much the night before and then bolusing
after she returned home. She must have been alarmed at the high blood
sugar reading and then fallen asleep on a bolus. But, you see, alcohol
depresses blood sugars. What I find is that there is a temporary spike
in BSs and then it comes down. So- Don't bolus! Leave it alone.
HOWEVER....I used to like Black Russians -- zap! --- and margaritas ---
zap! --- and other sweeter drinks. Now I stick to gin and (diet) tonics
in the summer and a light-colored (meaning amber, not "lite") beer. I
can drink as much as I want of the G&Ts and probably a maximum of two
beers (plenty for me anyway). They do not affect my BS in any way. I
used to enjoy a Black Bavarian type of DARK beer but they have a lot of
carbohydrate in them. So I have found one type of locally-brewed, amber
beer that doesn't raise my BSs and  I generally stick to that. 

So- take care! Kathy
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