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Re: [IP] MiniMed Reservior

> You mention taking a needle with you if you need to take a regular shot.  You 
> didn't mention taking insulin with you so why the needle?

The reason for the needle and not your vial of insulin is because 
you have a reserve of insulin if something happens with the site.  
for me if i need to take a shot i just take the amount i need out of 
the cartridge.

  I guess I really 
> want to know if people on the pump now use only one kind of insulin, is there 
> still a need to keep your vial of insulin cold all the time.  I would think 
> that one would use up the vial long before  its time expired.

I keep the vials that i have and the ones not opened yet in the 
fridge since i buy like 5-7 vials at a time.  I go threw one vial in 
about 15-20 days depending on my usage..

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