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Re: [IP] Carb counting

Kathie -

I have been a diabetic for 35 years.  Practise is all that you can
positively go by!   Practise and practise
and testing!!  Especially the testing!!!  There's no substitue for guessing
about youre blood sugar - You have TO KNOW!!  Alweays test!!  That's the
only way - I remember the days before glucometers, when you could only test
your urine - a long and difficult and obtrusive procedure.  you had to go
into the bathroom with a test tube (glass) and collect youir urine  in one
container and then test in another.  5 drops of urine and 10 of water and
then droop in a tablet and guess by the color - the glucometer is your
friend - USSE it!  It helps!

Good luck!  Dont' be stubborn!!!  Jane
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Subject: [IP] Carb counting

>I have bought two carb books.  Had a Burger King BK Broiler without mayo
>today.  Each book gave me a different carb count.  I went online to Burger
>King and go a different answer than my first two sources.  How does one get
>this right?
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