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[IP] V A C A T I O N...slight glitch...

Hi folks,

Well, we have enjoyed thoroughly our first 5 days of vacation camping.
We are home today to get ready for the specialist's appointment tomorrow
morning at 7:30 a.m. and then we are off again to the other end of Nova
Scotia to visit with family at the cottage.  Erica's sugars were
fantastic and her site weathered many many swims.  She is doing
great...well, was until tonite.  Poor little thing has a high fever,
lets see, first one in YEARS and tonite it hits.  Murphy's law rules in
our house LOL!!  Tomorrow is the day we find out if the endo is going to
write the letter to the insurers saying that she finds the pump
beneficial to Erica's physical and emotional well being.  I really don't
think there is any chance that she won't support us in this as Erica's
first pumping A1c was such a significant improvement from pre-pump days,
BUT...if any of you have spare time to cross your fingers or call on a
higher powere if you are so inclined.......we wouldn't mind you doing so
:)  I really hope Erica is feeling well enough in the morning to go, we
really can't cancel this one and would have to go without her if

We are SO enjoying our FREEDOM!!  Up late, sleeping in, eating whenever,
YIPPEE!!  The insulin cocktail is still doing the trick and sites are
(knock on wood) lasting three days no problem.  We will be taking 3
times the supplies we think we need for the next part of our vacation
but are looking forward to really getting away.

I am zonked, going up to hug my girls, give tylenol to Erica, and crawl
into bed for a much needed sleep.  We will be taking turns checking
sugars tonite, bringing them down with the press of that little magic
button. I love Erica's pump.  She told me that she is going to tell the
endo that "I am keeping it". Short  and to the point, she doesn't want
anyone thinking about taking her little blue lifeline to freedom and
better health away from her.  How can the doc argue that one? <grin>

Well, goodnite all, talk to you again soon....
Barb....Erica's mom

Oh one more thing....Anyone know the carbohydrate on children's tylenol,
160mg each, fruit chewable, Junior strength??


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