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[IP] Re-sterilization; was Blood in the tube???

Frank wrote:
>Mary jean,
>> if you can re-sterilize it, you might want
>> to pull it out, bolus enough insulin through to clear the blood out,
>> sterilize the needle, and reinsert in a different location.
>This should NEVER be done.  I don't think that 're-sterilizing' is even 
>possible in a home setting.  There is tremendous danger of 
>cross-contamination of the new site.  The safe thing to do is just open up a 
>new infusion set and insert fresh.  Good luck ~ Frank

I tend to agree, but it seems to me that in the days of the bent needle
sets (before teflon catheters) it was actually encouraged to do this.
That's why they included those clips to pinch off the tubing, so you could
pull the needle out "for whatever reason" and then reinsert it later.  I
assumed there was some sort of standard sterilization procedure.  I've
never used a bent needle, perhaps someone who has could chime in here.


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