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Re: [IP] Rebounds/DKA ? Quick Answer

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi when I reread this post on it taking 6 hours for your rebound to come down to normal Shiela, I thought I don't have any problem like that at all.  However if I'm spilling ketones- and on my way to DKA- the usual amount of insulin doesn't drop it fast enough as the ketones make that impossible.  I would check for ketones when your daughter (?) runs that high, rather than wait 6 hours.
> I'm stepping aside now so Ted can give us a 'Quick answer' about high BGs and ketones.  What do you think? Or have you answered this already?

No, I guess I didn't yet. 

As you say, the problem is not only the high bg, it also involves the ketones.
Ketones need to be
absorbed as well as the glucose, and I usually treat it sooner rather than
later. With care you
should be able to reduce the bg reasonably well before 6 hours goes by. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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