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Re: [IP] Sils

Hey Lori!
Hope you read Ted Quick's post on using the Silhouettes.(And taking the needle out BEFORE taping down the backside ) which kind of put me in the duh-why=didn't-I-think-of-that? category myself.  That's what we're online in this forum for.  My cat isn't willing to discuss it and my endo's too busy LOL (that's laugh out loud). YMMV means your mileage may vary.  And ALL of us had to ask somewhere along the way so don't feel silly about it.  You can pass it on to a newbie some day soon yourself.  Hang in there and happy pumping.

 ---- On Jul  5 "Lori A. Willey" <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> Thank you so much, I was confused beyond repair!  I have to wait until I get
> samples now from MM, as I really tore it all apart :)  I am using my sample
> sof set, and it seems ok so far.  I am just sick of the bent needle now,
> wanted to experiment with something new!
> I don't want to sound like an ignoramous, but what does YMMV stand for?  I
> have asked before, and figured out all except that and LOL.    I know I may
> at times seem a little dingy, but I am allowed to !!! Its in my contract
> with the world to be dingy at times!
> Thanks again , and I got another response too, that said read the directions
> in the box, but this was just one sample they gave, so no boxes to look in!
> Happy pumping!
> Lori
> Lori A. Willey
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> To: Lori A. Willey <email @ redacted>
> Cc: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
> Date: Sunday, July 04, 1999 4:04 PM
> Subject: Re: [IP] Sils
> >
> >Hi Lori-
> >Here's what I do, YMMV and I'm sure you'll get a zillion responses on this
> one!
> >
> >I take the plastic piece off the needle that it protects. (If you think it
> may be a little dirty, wipe it with an alcohol prep and let it dry.) Then I
> take the tape off the part under the needle and bend it back over the
> upperside so that it doesn't touch my skin (except my finger where I hold it
> back!) Then I pinch up my skin with my other hand and insert the tip of the
> needle so that it lies flat against my stomach.  As soon as the tip is in I
> use my fingers to spread out the 'pinched' skin til it's very flat and push
> the needle in the rest of the way.  I can feel the needle under the surface
> of my skin at this point. SubQ! Then I anchor the unmasked tape over where
> the needle was inserted and gently pull of the backing on the rest of the
> set.  Lastly I pull the needle out (which leaves the 'teflon' canula inside
> me.  This works for me.  Good luck.  There is a bit of trial and error here.
> So check those BG's a little more frequently than usual.  When I first
> started I kept !
> >putting mine in too deep and blood backed up into the canula, my BG shot
> way up and I was sick and mystified.  Follow those high BG 'rules' to be on
> the safe side.
> >Dianne
> >
> > ---- On Jul  3 "Lori A. Willey" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >> I have a question re: the silhouette set.   I just started pumping on
> 6-3-99.with the bent needle, and I want to try the silouette.  (First I need
> to learn how to spell it!! :)   I was looking at the one I got as a sample
> with my start up kit for my MM 507C.
> >> Question is , the tape:  do I remove it before or after I insert the
> needle?  And is the needle supposed to have the cannula inside it before I
> start, or outside?  (  I really played around with it and did not realize
> maybe I shouldn't have ) Then what do I do?  Sorry, I did not get many
> directions from my nurse trainer on sil, as I chose the bent needle first.
> >> Thanks for assistance!
> >> Lori
> >> dx 4-68, pmpg 6-3-99 and won't ever go back to MDI!!!
> >> Lori A. Willey
> >> First Express Inc., FSP
> >> President/CEO
> >> 814-336-6106
> >> email @ redacted
> >> ICQ# 41956947
> >
> >
> >

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