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Re: [IP] Blood in the tube???

Fran wrote:
>Last week while I was on a mini vacation, I noticed a little blood in my line 
>(I use Disetronic Rapids 6mm).  Didn't think too much of it until today.  
>Yesterday morning I changed the site and today I noticed blood in the line 
>again (about 1/1/2 - l" up the line).  Since it's the holiday, I couldn't 
>reach the doc.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Is it something to be 
>concerned about???  

It means you probably have the needle inserted into a blood vessel.  I'm
not familiar with the rapid, but if you can re-sterilize it, you might want
to pull it out, bolus enough insulin through to clear the blood out,
sterilize the needle, and reinsert in a different location.  If you can't
re-sterilize it, then you should change it.  If the insulin is being
delivered into a pool of blood, it won't be absorbed properly.

Mary Jean

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