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Re: [IP] Moving Home

"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
> A little bit of the background of my move .....  I didn't change my basals
> at all, but I did, on the advice of my Endo. do a bg test every hour, I
> found that bg's were from 70-120 most of the time, and she did say that I
> should have halved the basals if bg's went below 70.  Given the very hot
> day, I was drinking copious quantities of Gataaid , (sp?).  There wasn't
> time to eat, so for nearly 24 hours I didn't do a bolus.
> I would like to learn from the experiences of others in similar
> circumstances. So, firstly, is it likely that the very hot day, (99) had a
> significant effect on keeping my bg's low? and could I have switched the
> pump off for the duration to avoid the potential problem of a hypo in such
> circumstances, my thought is here, that it is easier to deal with a high
> than a low?

Why mess with success? What you did worked, and should only have been 
modified if things went different at some point. After all, the point of
setting your basals up carefully was so that you don't HAVE to eat if
it's inconvenient. You didn't eat and stayed stable, so what's the problem?

Ted Quick
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