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[IP] Moving Home

Hello everyone,

This weekend I spent moving home and as I have only been pumping 2 weeks I
wasn't quite sure what to expect with all the strenuous exercise. 

I must admit that it seemed at the time that I didn't have DM, except of
course being reminded by the pump clipped to my belt! 

A little bit of the background of my move .....  I didn't change my basals
at all, but I did, on the advice of my Endo. do a bg test every hour, I
found that bg's were from 70-120 most of the time, and she did say that I
should have halved the basals if bg's went below 70.  Given the very hot
day, I was drinking copious quantities of Gataaid , (sp?).  There wasn't
time to eat, so for nearly 24 hours I didn't do a bolus.

I would like to learn from the experiences of others in similar
circumstances. So, firstly, is it likely that the very hot day, (99) had a
significant effect on keeping my bg's low? and could I have switched the
pump off for the duration to avoid the potential problem of a hypo in such
circumstances, my thought is here, that it is easier to deal with a high
than a low?


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