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Re: [IP] Stomach really the only site?

> D & D Clarke wrote:
> Hi everyone!  I recently submitted my profile and thought I'd jump in with
> some of my questions.  My main concern is using my stomach as the site for the
> catheter.  When I was on a terbutaline pump during pregnancy I used my thigh
> for obvious reasons.  It was not very convenient so I'm not really interested
> in using it as a site.  I have in mind the hip area.  My CDE is not willing to
> discuss it, insisting the stomach is the only acceptable site. 

No, there are several areas elsewhere. The "love handles" on the hips are
workable, though I found canulas were too likely to get winged going through
doorways or whatever. There are also areas on the top of the curve on the 
back, slightly below the beltline. Many find these work better.

 I know the
> stomach absorbs insulin better than other sites but find it hard to believe I
> can't get decent control using some other site.  

It really is just another factor to handle. Slower absorption in the other areas
is usually fairly minor: you may only need to bolus a few minutes earlier, for 

I find that injections in my
> stomach are more painful than other areas and it tends to bleed more.  I am
> also just plain grossed out by using it unless I absolutely have to.  I don't
> have a lot of fat there and she said I would need to use the catheter that
> goes in sideways.  Sorry don't know what it's called!

3 choices: MiniMed Silhouettes, Disetronics Tenders, or Chronimed Pureline 
Comforts. They're all the same thing, made by Maersk in Denmark, with 
different labels. Find which 1 you can buy cheapest.
> She also recommends the Mini Med.  How do you shower with the thing if you
> can't take it in with you.  

The QR Sofset (ugh) or the Sil/Tender/Comfort mentioned above have quick 
disconnects so you can just unhook for the length of the shower, sports 
or that OTHER "S" word, which is a LOT easier to do than having the
pump attached anyway. 

When I was pregnant I had to put the thing in a
> plastic bag and seal it and then wrap saran wrap around the site to keep it
> from getting wet.  It didn't work and I'm still not sure why I had to do it.

You can still get the shower bags, but quick disconnects make it unnecessary.

> Is Disetronic truly waterproof and do any of you recommend it for that
> reason.  Seems that would be the only reason to prefer it over MM.

You'll likely see some arguments here about that. Usually the Disetronic is 
waterproof, but I HAVE seen a few reports of it failing that, likely because
the pump had been damaged in use somehow. The MiniMed is water resistant
in that the electronics are in a sealed case, just the feed screww is 
still left where the water can reach it, so it could rust if exposed to 
water very much. It is still possible to get the MiniMed wiped out by
water, probably for te same reason I mentioned for the Disetronic above.

The other matter is what features do you want to have. The iniMed 507c
has Square and Dual Wave bolusing, which the Disetronic doesn't, plus
a night light feature on the screen. Unless you like to go splashing 
around in a pool without spending much energy for hours at a time
the waterproof feature tends to be superfluous for most people. Of course 
I DO say this advisely, since I swim like a rock......

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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