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Re: [IP] Stomach really the only site?

   You're certain to get lots of responses to this inquiry. First question 
about sites: My 16 yr old daughter has been using the "love handle" region of 
her back hip pretty much exclusively for more than 2 years now. She was 
motivated by not wanting her stomach to show in a bikini!!....Works fine for 
her - her am bg today was 87!
   Secondly, the "other" infusion set is called a Silhouette aka Comfort aka 
Tender - all the same. Melissa prefers it unequivocally to the Sofset. It 
disconnects right at the site, instead of having that little "tail" dangling. 
Also, because she's thin, the "straight in" insertion required by the Sofset 
prompted A LOT of "no delivery" alarms, probably provoked by the catheter 
bumping up against muscle??? Since she switched to the Silhouettes, she's had 
no NO Delivery alarms, no sets become dislodged and no infections. 
   Thirdly, the Minimed is not waterproof, but Melissa simply disconnects for 
swimming, for sports and for showering. Ideally, she needs to re-hook within 
an hour or 90 minutes and give herself the missed basal.  When she stubbornly 
DIDN'T do this during field hockey season, she suffered the ill effects of 
being in the 300s for HOURS later until her bg finally dropped. With maturity 
has come the realization that sometimes Mom actually DOES know what she's 
talking about (LOL) & this has ceased to be an issue. When I mentioned to her 
the other day that if she had a Disetronic she wouldn't have to disconnect to 
go into the pool & she looked at me as if I had grown another head & said 
"why would I want to do that???"....
    The often-repeated "mantra" of this group seems to be YMMV ( your mileage 
may vary) so what works beautifully for one pumper may be a complete failure 
for another.  What I love about this group though is that I can glean lots & 
lots of helpful hints, advice, information, etc for future reference.

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom )
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