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Re: [IP] Diabetes Prevention Trial - Type 1 Results

> Hey all,
> I had both of my children tested on April 6, 1999, in the Diabetes
> Prevention Trial and received my daughter's results 3 weeks ago - negative!
> But, did not receive my son's and as more time passed called the 800# for
> the program and asked what this could mean and they said usually meant that
> the other child was positive.  Needless to say I was scared to death as my
> son is only 3-1/2.  However. . . they were wrong!!!!  I got his test results
> back yesterday and they were negative as well!  Yippeee!!  Now I know this
> does not mean they will never be diagnosed but at least we are probably okay
> for the next year or so.
> Nita, thanks for the info even though I probably won't need it now.  You are
> lucky to have such a great program near you!
> Had to share this with people who could really understand.
> Take care.
> Leslie
> pumping since 4/98
> diabetic since 10/76

Hi Leslie,

Congratulations!  You must be tremendously relieved.

I do ahve one question though--when you say you're probably ok for the
next year or so, how sure are you of that time period.  Maybe someone
else on the lis knows for sure, but I had thought that the antibodies
indicative of impending diabetes showed up as much as 5-10 years
before diagnosis.  I'm not sure about that, but I *think* that's
right.  If so, you might be able to feel safe for much longer than a
year.  It might be worth asking the people running the trial.

Anyway, congrats again.   

Dave Breeden                                           email @ redacted
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