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[IP] Should I be worried?

Hi everyone!
		Steven is 9 yrs old and pumping for just over 2 months.  We 
changed a site on Saturday afternoon and the old site looked fine. Yesterday, 
Steven showed me there was a large bump about the size of a nickle just off 
to the side of the where the (old) infusion set had gone in.  It's about the 
size of a nickle and there is no discoloration there.  He says it is sore if 
he presses but nothing REALLY bad.  It is exactly where the canula would have 
been.  The "pump bump" where the site originally went in is fine..no oozing, 
redness or anything else troublesome.  He has been on prednisone and as a 
result his basals have gone up and we even have to bolus much more often to 
keep the BG's in check.  Does anyone know what this lump could be?  It seems 
better (a little smaller) this morning, but it's still there.  Could the 
added insulin he's been taking have caused some kind of swelling?  He's been 
on almost double his normal amount of insulin for several days.  Should I 
change the site more often so this doesn't happen to him again?  Since it 
only hurts if he presses on it, and the area looks fine,  I'm not getting 
crazy with this, I'd just like to find out what it could be and try to avoid 
him getting another.  Any ideas or help here would be appreciated.  Hope 
everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend and THANKS!
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