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[IP] alcohol

I'm sure this has been a topic of posts before, but I am looking for more info.  Does anyone know where I could find info on carb content for alcoholic beverages (mostly liquers, because I tend to prefer mixed drinks)?  Also, could anyone give me input on how to bolus for alcoholic drinks?  I know everyone is different and reacts differently with alcohol, but I just don't know where to start.  I rarely drink, and most of the time when I do it is 1-2 drinks, but once in a blue moon (like last night) I throw the sheets into the wind and get myself drunk.  I probably shouldn't, but I'm wondering if any of you ever do the same thing, and how do you keep from being incredibly high the morning after, or from going too low?  I am petrified of going low normally- to the point where I am trying to get out of the cycle of keeping myself high all the time- but I am even more scared of ever going low while drinking alcohol?  Like I said, it rarely happens, but I would like to know what to do the next time I decide to misbehave.  Thanks.