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Re: [IP] Sils

Hi Lori-
Here's what I do, YMMV and I'm sure you'll get a zillion responses on this one!

I take the plastic piece off the needle that it protects. (If you think it may be a little dirty, wipe it with an alcohol prep and let it dry.) Then I take the tape off the part under the needle and bend it back over the upperside so that it doesn't touch my skin (except my finger where I hold it back!) Then I pinch up my skin with my other hand and insert the tip of the needle so that it lies flat against my stomach.  As soon as the tip is in I use my fingers to spread out the 'pinched' skin til it's very flat and push the needle in the rest of the way.  I can feel the needle under the surface of my skin at this point. SubQ! Then I anchor the unmasked tape over where the needle was inserted and gently pull of the backing on the rest of the set.  Lastly I pull the needle out (which leaves the 'teflon' canula inside me.  This works for me.  Good luck.  There is a bit of trial and error here.  So check those BG's a little more frequently than usual.  When I first started I kept !
putting mine in too deep and blood backed up into the canula, my BG shot way up and I was sick and mystified.  Follow those high BG 'rules' to be on the safe side.

 ---- On Jul  3 "Lori A. Willey" <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> I have a question re: the silhouette set.   I just started pumping on 6-3-99.with the bent needle, and I want to try the silouette.  (First I need to learn how to spell it!! :)   I was looking at the one I got as a sample with my start up kit for my MM 507C.  
> Question is , the tape:  do I remove it before or after I insert the needle?  And is the needle supposed to have the cannula inside it before I start, or outside?  (  I really played around with it and did not realize maybe I shouldn't have ) Then what do I do?  Sorry, I did not get many directions from my nurse trainer on sil, as I chose the bent needle first.
> Thanks for assistance!
> Lori
> dx 4-68, pmpg 6-3-99 and won't ever go back to MDI!!!
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