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Re: [IP] Sils

At 09:48 PM 7/3/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
 >Once the canula is all the way in (or as much of it as you want) you flip 
 >tape half over and fasten down the front end. Peel the other tape cover half
 >back out from under the base and stick it down.
 > Then what do I do?
 >Pull out the introducer needle and attach the primed hose to the base on your

What I do (and this is from the instructions), is to stick down the front 
half after the introducer need is inserted. Then I pull out the introducer 
needle and finally stick down the back half. This makes placing the set a 
lot more comfortable and the introducer needle is in only for the minimum 
amount of time required.

Don't let the introducer needle scare you. It looks worse than it is. Also, 
I usually put down IV3000 (a clear, flexible dressing) first and poke the 
introducer needle through it. This helps me keep everything cleaner around 
the infusion site.

Good luck!


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