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[IP] Re: Pumping Insulin Book

Pumping Insulin was published before Humalog became available.  It still has 
alot of worthwhile information in it for people who are pumping.  Since that 
time, however, John Walsh and Ruth Roberts (authors of Pumping Insulin), have 
written The Pocket Paancreas.  This very small 43 page book is packed with 
information that you will find helpful and has the updated Humalog info.  It 
was published in 1998 and can be ordered from Torrey Pines Press at 
619-497-0900.  They have a web site as well:  www.diabetesnet.com.  The cost 
of The Pocket Pancreas is $5.95.  Pumping Insulin is $21.95.  They also 
provide a xeroxed copy of an addendum to Pumping Insulin at no cost which has 
a discussion on Humalog.  However, The Pocket Pancreas is truly great and 
well worth the money.
You can also link directly to amazon.com from the book section of 
Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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