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[IP] Rebounds

Jenna really rebounds, so I've got experience with this one!  The sugar
level that triggers a rebound seems to vary - just like sometimes, a kid can
be 70 and shakey, or 40 and feeling fine.  If she gets bad shakey, or
confused, a rebound will almost always follow.  This actually makes since,
since all the hypo symptoms are caused by the release of adrenaline, and
adrenaline is what causes the sugar to shoot up.  When she does rebound, her
sugars almost always go to the upper 200's or 300's.  The thing I've
learned, is that they will also stay up like that for about 6 hours - must
be how long it takes for the adrenaline to clear out of the body.  This has
been fairly consistent for other adrenaline type situations, stress,
frights, etc.   The usual high boluses usually budge the sugar much less
than usual, until the adrenalin finally wears off.  So, when it happens, I
have Jenna check every 2-3 hours, bolus about like usual, and bide my time
until the 6 hours is up, and then really work on correcting it.

As far as patterns with basal changes, they're usually evident the next day,
but Jenna varies so much day to day, that sometimes it takes me more than
one day to see it.

Nancy Morgan

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