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Re: [IP] Sils

> "Lori A. Willey" wrote:
> I have a question re: the silhouette set.   I just started pumping on
> 6-3-99.with the bent needle, and I want to try the silouette.  (First I need
> to learn how to spell it!! :)  

Almost right, it's Silhouettte

> Question is , the tape:  do I remove it before or after I insert the needle?

OK, the first thing you do is take the tape off ONLY the front half (above the
canula, fold it back with you finger on the sticky side while hoding it from 
above squeezing on both sides with the other fingers.

> And is the needle supposed to have the cannula inside it before I start, or
> outside?  (  I really played around with it and did not realize maybe I
> shouldn't have )

The clear cover over the needle is slid off next, then the introducer needle
which is inside the Teflon canula (which is nearly invisible at this point) is
pushed through the skin at the site, usually at an angle between 15 and 30 
degrees (at least for us thinner guys) or as much as 45 degrees for larger

Once the canula is all the way in (or as much of it as you want) you flip the 
tape half over and fasten down the front end. Peel the other tape cover half 
back out from under the base and stick it down.

 Then what do I do?  

Pull out the introducer needle and attach the primed hose to the base on your

Ted Quick
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