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[IP] pump bumps, bgs

Kevins bgs were mucho better today and his teeth dont hurt as much. Obviously 
a relation to each other. (pain and high bg's)

I've noticed that Kevin has many "pump bumps" left on his belly from old 
sites. I'm talking like 2 week old sites. Is this normal? We put an 
antibiotic ointment on them right after we take the site out. (Bacitracin) 
and they itch for a day...but then the bump lasts and lasts. Can I do 
anything about it?

Tomorrow we are having a all day pool party. Usually he disconnects for a 
swim, but I think we are going to try the red tappet and wear the pump 
tomorrow. I will let you know you the results...the continuing saga! ha ha

Thanks, and Happy 4th of July

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