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Re: [IP] Don't I feel stupid!

DDenise - what is CDE??????  another diabetic, Jane
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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 7:21 PM
Subject: [IP] Don't I feel stupid!

>Denise wrote:
>> Today I went to the CDE again for the second time in 2 weeks....The
>> first visit, they made me eat 4 glucose tabs, a tube of gel, and a
>> turkey sandwich with about a lb of turkey on it......another nurse
>> to sit with me in the hall til my BS was above 100, which took almost
>> an hour!
>well, you shouldn't fee stupid - they are the dummies.  Eating the turkey
>bread did not help your blood sugar go up - in fact it probably slowed down
>the absorption of the glucose you DID get!!  next time, treat ONLY with dex
>tabs. Should NOT take an hour unless you combine complex carbs and protein,
>and you saw that same reaction today when you combined the gel with the ham
>sandwich!!!!  You probably shouldn't have had the pear either...juice, gel
>dex tabs are quickest
>Why are you crashing like this?  Are your basals really wrong or do you
>bolus before your doc visits to make sure you are in a "good" range when
>test you?  I used to do that...take a big old shot about an hour before my
>appointment so I'd be lower than 457 by the time they tested me (this of
>course was pre pump, pre-testing days).  Maybe the stress causes you to
>- though most people go up in times of stress...figure out what is wrong so
>next time, you can handle it!
>YOU are not the dumb one - don't let so-called medical professionals screw
>you up like that!!!
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