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[IP] site and set changes

I was having a lot of problems in this area a month ago. I use Rapids
and I did not have a regular time to change the set. 

	I was having highs which I discovered at extremely inconvenient times
of the day: an hour after I got to work, or as I was arriving for a
dinner invitation, etc. I had to abandon work for that day, cancel
dinner to go home, etc. I suppose this could mean that I find it more
stressful than some other people do, and that is a factor. However, BSs
over 200 for several hours make me sick and I have to kiss off that day.

	ANYWAY....Since I am an early riser and (as a writer) I don't have
regular summer childcare, I decided to minimize any inconsistencies and
any variabilities,so I started to change sites at precisely the same
time of day every time, which is around 6 am. I don't usually eat
breakfast anyway and I deliberately don't WANT to eat after a site
change, because if there is a problem, my sugars will go twice as high
as if I hadn't eaten.

	I have discovered that my abdomen definitely is not absorbing the
insulin well. I also took some advice from this list and now I bolus a
unit before changing, and I have left the set in for an hour (though
this may not be necessary, really). THEN I change it and bolus a little
again. I have gone low from this but I tend to be more resistant in the
morning anyway, and I also would rather be a little low than really
PLus, I then know that the new site is working.

	Now I am trying new sites and they absorb the insulin well, though
bruising is a problem. This has given me a template of sorts, a week's
worth of data, against which I can measure any subsequent news. I guess
I need that consistency. Before, when things went wrong I was flailing
in the dark to figure it all out. 

	SO- the upshot for me is that I will have to force myself to rise early
to retain this schedule when school starts, because it's so difficult to
deal with kids and one's own medical issues simultaneously. But I'm
happy that I had this summer breather to arrive at a few conclusions. 

Thanks, Michael, for your help
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