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Re: [IP] I'm home!!

At 06:33 AM 7/3/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Hi Donna-
 >Why wouldn't we fill the cartridges as full as can (as directed by our CDE
 >and the pump company) and save yourself that extra work.  There is no 
need to
 >change the cartridge just because you are changing the set.  Anytime you can
 >save yourself work and use up more cartidges than necessary.....that's a 
 >in our book.

One reason is because the MM company recommends that you change both the 
reservoir and the set at the same time... although I know a lot of people 
change reservoirs and tubing every other time. If you are using Humalog, 
the advice I was given by my CDE was to use the short-reservoir setup (I'm 
not sure that's the correct term). In fact that's the way my MM was 
shipped. Personally, I find it very handy to use the 1/2-full reservoir. 
This is because when my insulin runs out, it's time to change sets. 
Otherwise, I would forget and run too long on my current set.

(who tends to be absent-minded)

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