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Re: [IP] rebound question

> I would like to learn a little more about rebounding.  Can someone
> tell me how low you usually need to go to trigger a rebound? 
Everyone is different, and it changes from time to time.

>  After making some overnight basal
> adjustments for Stephanie, she tested at 3am at 90, but  2 1/2 hours
> later she was 255, which kind of surprised me because we increased
> across the board from 2am to 9am.  Was that enough time between
> tests for her to go real low then rebound?  
Yes, but it may be dawn effect as well. You really need to get good 
baseline data points at least every 2 hours to make the basal 
adjustments.  Wake her every four hours with a two hour shift on 
alternate nights. Skip a couple of days and repeat. You should be 
able to get a repeatable "shape" to the curve, then make the basal 
adjustment unless it is obviously way off. Read the HOWTO's on the 
web site and use the basal adjusting tool to help you.

> She was 228 when she
> woke up at 9am.  The 255 is just as high or higher than before we
> made the increase, so that's why I thought of rebounding.
> One more question:  when you make a basal rate change, do your
> usually know what your results are right away, or does it take a few
Usually right away (next 24 hour period).
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