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[IP] Just starting

Well, Tuesday is our BIG day!  Last Tuesday, we had a 4 1/2 hour
training session with our nurse, dietitian and the pump trainer from
MiniMed.  He was absolutely wonderful...very patient and clear and
concise.  Steve and the other new pumper (a 13 year old girl, dxed the
same month and year as him!) picked up on the information very quickly
and both inserted Sof-sets without a blink of the eye.  He pumped saline
for three days, to get used to how it feels, what it's like to sleep
with the pump, how to bolus, etc.  Steve's comfort factor with the pump
is very good, so now we just need to learn how to apply the "insulin

In the past few weeks, we've picked up a lot of good information here at
Insulin Pumpers.  Thanks to all for great feedback, and we'll keep you

Sharon, mom of Steven, age 13
Yalesville, CT
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