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  Amy has a MM pump and uses the square and dual waves as little as once a 
month, or as much as a few times a day. It all depends on her bgs, her 
activity, and what she is eating.
  She always uses at least the square wave for pizza and pasta meals. If her 
bgs is above her target, she will use the dual, taking 1/2 of her dose now, 
and square waving the remaining over a 1 1/2 - 2 hour period. If she is 
active, as in swimming or soccer or her "other" sports she has done, and she 
eats a meal before, she has, on occasion, used the square wave to ward off 
that 2 hour peak she gets from her H.
  I will admit we are still, even after 1 year of pumping, fine tuning the 
use of these, but we have found them to be very helpful in her bgs management.

If you have any specific questions I can help with, e-mail me privately. Hope 
this helped.
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