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Re: [IP] Mis-information - Long

> And you have to disconnect your MM around the water.  Or you have to
> > use a clamshell case and smear it with Vaseline.
> Nothing wrong with disconnecting if you are like MOST people and like to
> really PLAY in the water...There isn't anywhere on MY bathing suit where I
> can clip a pump, so what is the problem with unhooking it?  personally, I
> wouldn't want to go in the ocean with a pump attached...what if the set rips
> off and the pump gets pulled out with the rip tide...nice $5,000 investment
> gone...and when I am seadooing - I'd hate to think of the cracks my pump
> would endure if I flew over the handle bars and landed on it by
> accident...I'd just as soon leave it safely on the dock with my beer!!!  So
> the un-waterproofness isn't really a negative thing

I'd have to agree with Sara here.  In fact, being able to disconnect to go in the
pool is a great joy -- I get tired of being connected to the thing (although I'm
not very big and women's bathing suits don't have pockets.  For some reason, men
seem to mind this less thanwomen).  However, the minimed is water proof if you get
tossed in the pool or accidentally drop it.  You just can't intentionally get in
with it.  I've worn mine boating numerous times.

>  Because of the MM's engineering, users occasionally have to inject long
> > acting insulins with syringes.

I've never (17+ years) used long acting insulin to inject or heard of anyone doing
this.  Walsh doesn't recommend it.  I have occasionally used R or Humalog to


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