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[IP] square and dual wave

I have the MM 506 so don't have the dual wave and square wave. 
I simulate them either by splitting the bolus in 2, or sometimes 3 or
4, or taking half the bolus and setting the rest as a temporary basal

For breakfast I generally take the whole bolus as a temporary basal
increase, esepcially if i am walking to work, otherwise I end up

If I have a high-fat or protein meal, I usually take half as I begin
to eat (unless I'm low) and half about an hour later.

If I'm at a function where i'll be eating bits and pieces over a
period of time, I set a temporary basal increase (and may or may not
take a bolus)

If I hd the square wave and dual wave, I'd make use of them, but since
I don't, I simulate them and it works in exactly the same way. The
only problem is that sometimes I'll split the bolus, take the first
half and then forget to take the second half.
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