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[IP] Precision QID

Sara mentioned about hating the QID but still using it.
I have one and love it, but as with everything there are advanages and
I love it because it's small, fast and easy to use. I can stick it in
my jeans pocket with a couple of strips when I go out. I can test
sitting on the bus or at a restaurant without anyone noticing. It
works while upside down or being moved aorund - you can even drop it
on the folor in the middle of a test and it will still work. It has a
very large display which is great for those with less than perfect

The two main disadvantages are that if you don't get enough blood on
the strip, it gives a false low reading. Also it doesn occasionally
give error messages for no apparent reason, and you waste a strip. I
don't have a problem getting the blood in the right place on the
strip, even though my vision is jsut as bad as Sara's (if not worse)
but that's more because i know where the spot is to put the blood,
even if I can't always see it. It just takes a bit of practice. Oh,
and when you're hypo it can be hard to unwrap the foil strips (but
then I don't usually bother testing if I'm that low).

Incidentally, all the Precision and Medisense meters have been
withdrawn from sale in France, and one other meter which I forget -
one of the Lifescan ones I think - because htey didn't meet their
safety standards. However, they didn't follow the manufacturers'
instructions when testing the meters, which is the only reason they
failed. So there's no cause to be alarmed.

I'd be interested to hear about the FastTake though. It;s only just
come on sale in the UK (under the name of SureScan or something). Has
anyone compared it with the QID?

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