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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #252

> > I brought it home and my wife began to read the back of it, and
> >it said "Do not use this product on irritated skin, on any area that is
> >infected or reddened, if you are a diabetic." Ok so does this mean that if
> >my skin is irritated, infected, or reddened being a diabetic I should not
> >use this product?   Or is it just plan forbidden for me to use this?
> Well, if the punctuation is just like you wrote it, then I think it means
> that if you are diabetic, not to use on irritated, etc. skin.  They need to
> hire a better technical writer!
> Mary Jean
> (who is studying to be a tech writer and just hates to see ambiguous wording!)

hehe, my PhD is on that exact topic - ambiguous
wording in technical documents!

I think they just missed out the "or" or a semi-colon, ie. it means if
you have any of those things you shouldn't use it. But I always take
those warnings with a pinch of salt. usually it's because of the
possibiliity of you having impaired snsation as a diabetic that they
put those warnings on.
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