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Re: [IP] A1C #'s

Hi Melinda -

I also have had my best A1C ever on this pump!!  My last one was 6.3 - and I
was calculating my bolus wrong, so who knows?  When I was dealing with this
as a kid, I didin't do very well.  I hope Brandon does better!

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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 9:53 PM
Subject: [IP] A1C #'s

>Hi All..... was so excited today, thought I would share the good news. My
>Brandon ( age 7) started on the pump on May10th of this year and his A1C
>today was 7.1(his last one before the pump was 7.8 so this for us is great)
>When he was on MDI and first dx'd they were normally between 8 and 9, so
>needless to say we are happy. He leaves for camp in a week and we are busy
>getting ready for that. This list has been wonderful and thanks for letting
>me share my good news and for being a part of this.
>Brandon's (very happy) Mom
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