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Re: [IP] 507C possible sale(Sam)

Hi Mike -  I was frustrated for months before deciding to make a change.
There is a big difference!
Sofsets go in at a 90 degree angle - straight in.  Period.  Silhouettes, you
are supposed to put in at a 30 degree angle.  I'm not sure what exactly is
30 degrees, so I just shoot for getting them in at less than
45 degrees.  Then, unlike the sofsets, you prime them, to fill the
cannula/iinsertion needle - I use .5 (the prime feature on my pump).
Sofsets go in easy, and come out easy, but didn't work for me - the
silhouette has never failed!  The sofset failed for me three times in three
mmonths, and caused me to have to run home from work  one day, right after I
had arrived - I had changed the infusion set the night before.  Hope this

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>Could you explain the difference between a sofset and the silhouette? Is
>there a difference besides the tape being different? Thanks, Mike
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