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Re: [IP] 507C possible sale(Sam)

Hi Sam -  I also had a consistent problem with softsets.  I would put in a
softset, then about 12 hours later, would get the alarm notice.  It would
start beeping (nothing on the screen of my MM pump), then later more
prolonged beeping, and by the time I got home to change the set - it was
going off like a WW@ alarm in London - you know the wailing, kiind of up and
down alarm.  NEVER with the silhouette!  But frequently with
the softset!  Three times in 3 months, and the MM people could never tell me
why, but finally one technician
told me he thought maybe I was too thin to use the softset.  Are you thin?
Have your health-care provider write
a letter to MM that requires you to use the Silhoutette!  Worth a try!!

Take care, Jane
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>Hi Sam. I would try a silhouette if my provider would allow but they have a
>contract with MM to use what MM provides to them which is softsets. Yes,was
>using softset when inset came out...........Mike
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