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[IP] Re: some questions and a story (long)

Well, my eyes and kidneys are perfect so I have gotten
the go ahead to try and get pregnant!  Met with the
OB/GYN on Thursday - a diabetic herself  - and was
astounded by something she said - we were talking
about how some women are more hypo in the first three
months - so she said that she knows some women are
taken off insulin and maybe that means I will have to
stop using the pump!  What!! I thought to myself-
obviously she has no clue about basals etc. and how
low they can really go - then later she said "so you
only take short acting insulin?"  I said yup - so she
said but you take NPH too right - duh weren't you
listening?????  Don't you get it????  Needless to say
she knew alot about her field but I think I will leave
my diabetes care up to my endo - is that what others
have done?

She also stated the goal for my BS should be below 100
AT ALL TIMES.  Ugh.  But I was wondering if anyone has
any suggestions on diet changes they used while
pregnant to decrease the rise in BS after meals. 
Thank goodness  I've been planning this and have
gotten by post-prandials below 130 most of the time so
I can chat with my endo about the reality of keeping
this low all the time.  

anyways - sorry so long!  And thanks for any feedback
in advance!

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