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[IP] Flame War Apology

I would like to apologize to anyone who is offended by flame wars.  I 
certainly have no intention of hurting anyone or making someone 
I forget sometimes that there are 1000 people at this site--THAT is a lot of 

In a way of explanation about myself, I was brought up in a family where 
arguing was encouraged and considered fun.  My husband, on the other hand was 
brought up in a family where arguing was viewed as disrespectful and bad.
I understand that people are different, but I personally have never been 
offended by jabs at different pumps and just felt that it was groundwork for 
lively discussion.

That said, I want everyone to have a wonderful 4th.  I am up early to pack 
for the lake.  My husband and his friends are going to make a "sparkler 
bomb".  They found it on the internet.  It consists of 1000 sparklers tied 
together and lit.  Wow, it ought to be quite a site.  I'll let you know if it 
is neat or if we've burned the cabin to the ground.

Happy Independence Day!
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