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<<  would very much appreciate hearing from MM pumpers as to whether or
 not you make use of the square wave and/or dual wave bolus features.  If
 you do use these features, how significant are they to your diabetes
 management?  i.e Do you feel that it makes a significant difference? 
 Also, how often do you square/dual wave bolus, and why?   If you have a
 MM pump and do not use these features, why not?
 Thank you all ahead of time for your responses!
 -- >>
I have used it quite a bit in the last 11 weeks.  It really has helped with a 
lot of dishes that in the past I had problems with.  My husband is Filipino 
and we have many dishes that I have had a hard time figuring for combination 
of pasta and high amounts of protein.  I found that using the dual wave helps 
considerably.  I also found that the square wave made eating pizza easier for 
me.  Something I use to avoid because I couldn't eat without going sky high.

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