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Re: [Re: [IP] Dont I feel stupid!]

email @ redacted wrote:
"sounds like you are on WAY too much insulin for starters."
        Well to all of you who responded to my post, I'd like to say thank
you! I don't think I even heard one snicker from anyone!:)
Any way, I would like to add this, and maybe you can all be of some assistance
to me. I take a total of 16.8 units total(velosulin) daily. This of course
assuming I don't need to cover any highs. My diet contains 180 grams of carbs
daily. Does anyone think this is too much insulin?
Also I have been on the pump for 2 years (June), I also have been thinking my
basals need some adjustments. If I try to get by on just the basals, I either
go too low or high, and I know that this is NOT supposed to happen.
If I attempt to adjust my basals, which one should I start with? I noticed
something strange while looking at my averages on my meter too. At breakfast
and night time, my pre-meal BS are good, but my 2hr pp goes up.The other 2
meals show the reverse pattern! Can anyone give me some input on to why this
might be? Thanks to all.
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97 

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