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[IP] Re: Basal Rate Estimator

> Look in the HOWTO section for
> "Insulin Pumpers Basal Rate Estimator"
> email @ redacted
> I went to HOWTO and could not get any info on Insulin Pumpers Basal
> Rate Estimator.  Could you give more exact info on how to get there.
>  Thanks for all the help.                   Ellie
Sure, it is the second hot link on the HOWTO page

Once you get there, click the LINK marked "EXAMPLE" to see what 
typical results look like. You can put the changes you think are 
appropriate in to the estimator and it will give you a guestimate on 
what the change will to to bg's. Read the detailed INSTRUCTIONS link 
to help figure out how to run the tool.

email @ redacted
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