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Re: [IP] 507C possible sale(Sam)

At 08:13 PM 7/2/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Could you explain the difference between a sofset and the silhouette? Is
 >there a difference besides the tape being different? Thanks, Mike

The Silhouette is placed in at an angle (10-30 degrees) and leaves a flat 
little button that contains the disconnect. Because it lays pretty flat, 
it's less likely to get snagged and fall out. I usually put down something 
like IV3000 and then just poke the Silhouette through. It keeps things 
pretty sanitary. For most people, there's no supplementary tape needed... 
the little button/disconnect has a tape stickum built in to it.

All this is hard to describe. Try http://www.minimed.com/files/silh_01.htm 
for a picture, from the top down, of what the set looks like.


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