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Re: [IP] Question about ahhh...wart remover...

At 07:25 PM 7/2/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >I don't know about the wart remover, but I have heard about a similar 
 >on pamphlets included in home waxing kits, saying that the product couldn't
 >be used by diabetics. A friend of mine rang the company to say why, and the
 >first reason was that because of the strength needed to pull the wax back
 >off, it could damage the skin as a diabetic is more prone to bruising. My
 >girlfriend asked for some written documentation, and the lady came back on
 >the line saying that the real reason was that the sugar in the wax would 
 >into the blood when applied, making the bg's go up.

Both reasons sound like a lot of corporate backside covering to me.


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