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Re: [IP] Question about ahhh...wart remover...

I don't know about the wart remover, but I have heard about a similar message 
on pamphlets included in home waxing kits, saying that the product couldn't 
be used by diabetics. A friend of mine rang the company to say why, and the 
first reason was that because of the strength needed to pull the wax back 
off, it could damage the skin as a diabetic is more prone to bruising. My 
girlfriend asked for some written documentation, and the lady came back on 
the line saying that the real reason was that the sugar in the wax would seep 
into the blood when applied, making the bg's go up.
While wax is different to wart removers, if your skin is fie, give it a go. I 
guess there is only one way to find out if this product is OK to use. Well, 
that's my opinion anyhow.
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