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Re: [IP] admins use MM

At 03:03 PM 7/2/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >On 2 Jul 99, at 9:57, Mary Jean Renstrom wrote:
 >> someone said:
 >> > I think ALL the admins use MM.
 >> No, actually, it is pretty evenly divided.  Of the eight admins, I know of
 >> 3 Disetronic users and 3 MM users.  The other two, I'm not sure of because
 >> it has never come up.
 >well said MJ..
 >here is one D user and MJ just made me realize that it hasn't ever
 >came up...

Probably because its really not that important in the overall scheme of 

(also one of the admins behind the scenes)

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