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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

I am really not interested in this argument anymore.
It is a shame that people are so opininated they have to get obnoxious.

I would really appreciate an end to this game.

>From: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages
>Date: Fri, Jul 2, 1999, 6:33 AM

>In a message dated 7/2/99 1:33:24 AM Central Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes:
><< I'm opinionated. >>
>Richard, I am glad you are opinionated.  I wear a D pump too and am glad you 
>made your comments.  I do not make comments about the D pump at this site 
>anymore, but send my comments directly to the individual who asks the 
>question.  The reason I do this is because we are a definite minority at this 
>site and everytime I make a positive comment about the D pump, 10 people who 
>use MM say something like MM is just as good or I am unfairly trashing the 
>other pump.  We are all believers in our pumps and I guess we DO become 
>emotionally attached to these machines.  I really don't care what pump people 
>choose.  It is a personal decision.  I do like for people to have a choice.  
>If I wanted a square wave, I would consider the MM, but I don't care about 
>that feature.  I like the fact that I can spend the day at the beach with my 
>D pump attached and that I have an extra pump.  MM users don't care about 
>these features.  I like the fact that I have never had alarms go off in 3+ 
>years except the one to change the battery.  I am a member of a support group 
>with MM and D pumpers and I think MM users do have more problems with their 
>pump.  There are a couple of D pumpers who have problems and there are some 
>MM pumpers with no problems, but that has been my personal observation.  I 
>have NO facts.  I believe the reason for more MM problems is because there 
>are alot of extra features on the MM pump and therefore more chance of 
>something going wrong.  This is just my opinion.  Like I said, I don't care 
>which pump people use.  I think they should pick one that fits their 
>lifestyle.  I do NOT think Richard was "trashing MM" just because he likes 
>his D pump.
>People are continually asking about pump differences.  There is much more pro 
>MM comments on this site than pro D because the majority on this site use MM. 
> I think ALL the admins use MM.  I personally like having some specific pro D 
>pump comments.  It helps inform people.  ellen
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