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Re: [IP] I didn't mean to sound so stupid

> sorry all
>  when I said pushing against the blue thing hurt, I meant the thing
> left behind after the introducer needle is removed...that's the one
> part I am fast with, taking that needle out! But I mean, the part
> the cannula is connected to hurts when pushed upon. 

That means you are too thin to use the SofSet, at least where you've 
been trying so far. Are you inserting above or below the belt line? 
There is usually a little more "meat" below so you might try their. 
Best bet is to get some samples of Tender/Sil/Comfort sets. There are 
3 suppliers, so you might be able to get samples from all three. Also 
try the Disetronic Rapids. It is a very small steel needle device 
similar in appearance to the SofSet. Look on their web site then ask 
for a sample. You probably want the 6mm version if you're having 
trouble with the length of the SofSet. The Rapid is not yet available 
in the US with a quick release, but it is approved in Europe and 
should be here soon.

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