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Re: [IP] Re: Endo Wants 50/50 mix

> Thanks to all who keep answering my never-ending questions.  My
> current problem is our endo wants Kelly to start on a 50/50 mix of
> humalog and regular.  He likes the idea of a "tail", and says
> children go into DKA very quickly. 
That is probably a spurious argument because the doc is unsure of 
what to do. 
Don't argue with him at the moment. Get her on the pump then develope 
an appropriate regimen using the insulin mix of choice. She probably 
won't need a mix at all unless she has site corruption problems due 
to Humalog  with a small but significant number of people do.

See the web site ABOUT page for who uses which mixes. 5/1 is the most 
popular and is also what my daughter uses.

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