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Re: [IP] MM and D differences was Re:Technical Error Messages

At 05:44 AM 7/2/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Please do not take this reply as an "attack"  I am truly a pacifist!  I 
 >Richard was merely pointing out some differences, not "trashing" MM.

To keep things in perspective, I was only reacting to misstatements of 
fact. I have no objection to anyone explaining why they like their pump. As 
I said, this is a personal decision based on your own personal life-style. 
There is no right or wrong here. In my opinion, both are good pumps.

If you read my post carefully you would see that I was not objecting to 
basic information on the D pump. I was concerned about bad information 
about the MM pump. Sharing what you like about your pump is just fine. But, 
unless you've used both pumps, you shouldn't make statements about how the 
other brand functions. I know this makes talking about the differences more 
difficult, but it is the only way to keep these discussions based on what 
we personally know.

Here are my suggested guidelines for pump discussions on this list:

1. Talk about the features in your pump that you like and explain how your 
pump works. This is practical information based on first-hand knowledge.

2. Be candid about things that you don't like too. We are here to share 
information, not to sell pumps. Every brand has their own quirks.

3. Don't talk about the other brand unless you are a very experienced user 
of both types. What you've "been told" or what you "assume" the other brand 
does (or does not do) may not be either based on fact or important in 
practical usage.

4. Please realize that there is not a right or wrong pump choice. We choose 
our pumps for both factual and subjective reasons. You will be happy with 
whichever pump you select.

Happy pumping to all, and to all a good night...


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