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Re: [IP] Re: relationships


Well you put more than a smile on my face this time TOO CUTE!! I just
left you a message and was babbling, but checked and I WAS 56 forgive

Two diabetics would bond over having simultaneous
> Lows following headboard banging, site ripping out  sex...they don't share
> just their feelings - they also share dex tabs and syringes!!!  "Oh honey, I
> got a no-delivery, can I borrow your pump for a quick bolus????"  "oh that is
> all you love me for...my ever ready insulin supply!!"   Their arguments would
> be why Ben and Jerry's screws her bg up no matter how much she boluses, but
> he can take 4 units and be fine;  They'd bicker on what infusion sets are
> better cuz he can't use the tender cuz he is too skinny.  


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